The Comparison Of Driving Power Vehicles

- Sep 14, 2017 -
Japan's Toyota Motor Company announced in December 1997 that the hybrid electric car p rius into a small batch of commercial production, the vehicle deadweight 1515kg, installed with the top camshaft four cylinder, 1500cc displacement gasoline engine, maximum power 42. 6kw/4600r/min, with permanent magnet brushless generator, drive motor is also a permanent magnet brushless rated power 30kW, the use of Ni-MH battery, the realization of parallel control mode, hundred kilometers fuel consumption of 4.5L, less than half of the original petrol car, C O2 emissions also reduced the corresponding half, C O, HC, NOx is only 10% per 2.16 million yen (US $15000) for the current regulatory allowable value. Chrysler Company in February 1998 in Detroit exhibited the second generation Dodge Fearless E SX2 type hybrid electric sedan, the car installed with 1500cc displacement direct injection diesel engine with generators, using lead-acid batteries, AC induction motor drive, aluminum frame, composite body, weight 1022kg, hundred kilometers fuel consumption to 3. 4L. 2000 GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler has developed 100 kilometers of fuel consumption has reached 3 liters of gasoline or nearly 3 liters of cars, but the price is still more expensive.

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