SINOTRUK Working Conference

- Dec 15, 2017 -

SINOTRUK held the 3rd working conference of 2017 for mobilization and deployment centering on accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces and realizing the reconstruction and development of SINOTRUK. Members of the SINOTRUK leading group, vice chief engineers, all departments and offices and responsible persons of secondary units in Jinan attended the conference, and other units outside Jinan attended the event via video link.

At the conference, Ma Chunji, Chairman and Secretary of the CPC Committee of the group company made an important speech. He announced that the “three-year innovation and upgrading action plan” had come to a successful conclusion, and the “grand project on reconstruction and development of SINOTRUK” would be officially launched from now on. Ma systematically summarized the work in the first half year, further cleared and defined the working objectives for the year, stated the significance of the reconstruction and development of SINOTRUK, clarified the main content of the grand project on reconstruction and development of SINOTRUK, and put forward the working requirements, thus setting clear directions for the development of the group company in the next five to ten years and describing a grand blueprint.

 This year, the domestic economic operation has been in a good condition in an overall manner, and the heavy truck industry has achieved explosive growth. From January to July, SINOTRUK has produced and sold 174,000 finished vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 60.1%, of which there are 115,000 heavy trucks, up 76% compared with the same period last year, 56,000 medium and light-duty trucks, a year-on-year growth of 38.9% and an increase of 28% over the average growth rate in the industry. It has achieved sales revenue of 58.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%, with total profits and total pre-tax profits rising by 223% and 128% respectively, thus becoming one of the best enterprises in terms of quality and benefit in the industry.

 This is mainly manifested in the following aspects. First, product structure adjustment has achieved obvious results. From January to June, sales volume of “MAN Technology” T/C products has increased by 170.7%. Based on the superiority of “MAN Technology” products, we have maintained the leading position in the industry of shop trucks, and at the same time, sales volume of motor tractors has risen sharply, sales volume of special vehicles has increased at a particular rate, the segment of light trucks has achieved significant development, and the development path of medium and light-duty trucks with SINOTRUK characteristics is being formed. Second, domestic marketing has made new progress. We have adhered to the market-centered and customer-oriented belief, energetically carried out quantity increase and the domestic sales volume has realized rapid growth. Third, the international market has maintained the leading position in the industry. Sales volume of traditional regional markets has achieved obvious growth, and emerging markets, especially those in developed countries and regions have begun to play their roles. From January to July, 18800 finished vehicles have been exported, a year-on-year growth of 32.6%; and 28600 heavy trucks have been exported, an increase of 51% compared to the same period last year, making new breakthroughs. Fourth, new achievements have been made in the research and development of product technology. MC09 engines have been started on trial, the first batch of them have been marketed with positive responses; the first domestic wharf motor tractor powered by hydrogen cell has been launched, which has caused strong reaction within the same domestic industry; range-extended electric vehicles by independent research and development have been highly recognized by customers; research and development of such pure electric passenger cars as the 18-meter electric power pure green double-source trolley buses have been proceeded in an orderly manner and had a positive impact on the industry. Intelligent products and intelligent trucks have been constantly promoted so as to strive for quantity production within the year. Fifth, enterprise operation and management have grown to a new level. We have set March of each year as the “Quality Month” of the group company, continuously carried out “looking back on quality problems”, created quality vehicle models and competitive projects, which have received positive responses on the market. Sixth, the financial segment has achieved favorable development. Seventh, foreign cooperation has taken new steps. We have insisted on self-directed development and win-win cooperation, promoted cooperation towards in-depth development, made new breakthroughs in the international cooperation of new energy and intelligence, which proves to be a significant attempt for transformation of SINOTRUK on its international path. Eighth, new progress has been made in enterprise reform and restructuring. Ninth, normalization and institutionalization of the learning and education of “Two Studies, One Action” have been promoted in an orderly manner.

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