Introduction Of Howo Dump Truck

- Sep 14, 2017 -

The hydraulic cylinder is the power component of the dump truck lifting, choose the product with the quality assurance as far as possible A truck with a length greater than 6 m. General selection of a multi-stage cylinder front-top lifting structure double cylinder lifting structure generally used for the wheelbase for $number m dump truck transport large items must be selected bucket compartment length of more than 5.4 meters to pay special attention to the height of the center of gravity and lifting stability can not be transported with coal-fired special vehicles for Earth. The carriage height of the general-purpose vehicle is 1.6 ~ 1.9 meters, length how this kind of vehicle design is according to light goods (proportion less than 1.2) consideration, used for transporting Earth and rock may have lifting stability problem, the serious can cause lifting overturned do not use bucket compartment transport silt, clay and other viscous goods, The structure of the bucket compartment makes the viscous goods more difficult to unload the unloading of iron ore dump truck selection to be with the manufacturer statement, the best choice of iron ore powder selection of transport vehicles; for paving asphalt transport, the lifting mechanism requires a slow-drop device Howo dump truck is a vehicle that unloads the goods by hydraulic or mechanical lift, also known as a dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and force-taking device and other components. Because the loading compartment can automatically overturn a certain angle unloading, greatly save unloading time and labor force, shorten the transportation cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce transport costs, is commonly used for transport vehicles. Different transport conditions will have different requirements for dump truck, how to choose the appropriate dump truck according to their own conditions?

This article will give you a detailed analysis from the chassis and two aspects. Howo dump truck Bottom in the selection of chassis, is generally based on economic benefits to consider, such as: chassis price, loading quality, overload capacity, hundred kilometers of fuel consumption, hundred kilometers fuel consumption. In addition, the user should consider the following parameters of the chassis.

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