HOWO Dump Truck

- Sep 14, 2017 -

Howo Dump Truck Basic configuration, 375 horsepower, EGR state three engines, sleeper air-conditioning, HW15710 gearbox, ZF8098 import direction machine, AC16 Bridge, HF9 ton front axle, 1200 tires, carton size: 8200*2300*1000, mine-type structure design and production. In Shandong Province can do installment payment.


Jinan China heavy Duty Truck Howo Tipper Price Technical parameter Jinan China heavy-duty truck Howo Dump Truck Price Technical parameter chassis in the selection of chassis, generally according to economic benefits to consider

For example: Chassis price, loading quality, overload capacity, mileage, fuel consumption, and so on hundred kilometers. In addition, the user should also consider the chassis of the following parameters: 1 chassis frame from the ground floor height. General $number chassis frame on the plane from the ground height of 1050~1200. The larger the value of the vehicle, the higher the center of gravity, the more likely to cause rollover. The main factors affecting the value are the tyre diameter, the hanging arrangement and the height of the main frame.

(2) rear suspension of chassis. The value of the General Assembly affects the stability of dump truck lift, resulting in lifting accident. This value is generally between 500-1100 (except for dump truck);

(3) (3) the whole vehicle matching reasonable, the use of reliable current dump truck refitting factory, choose to dump when the choice of manufacturers than the choice of products is equally important. In addition to looking at products, but also to understand the factory equipment capabilities, dump truck loading design, process equipment maturity, after-sales service commitment, spare parts can buy and so on general use dump truck recommended to choose the tripod amplifier lifting mechanism, the structure in China has 40 years of history, the technology is more mature, suitable for carriage length ~ 6 meters of dump truck reasonable layout, the components of the force will not exceed the capacity of the components, the system of small oil pressure to ensure the service life of the Seals.

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