Driving Vehicle Classification

- Sep 14, 2017 -
There are currently 3 main types of hybrid vehicles. One is the main engine power, electric motor as the auxiliary power of the "parallel mode." This way is mainly driven by the engine, the use of electric motors with the restart of the powerful dynamic characteristics, in the beginning of the car, acceleration and other engine fuel consumption, the use of electric motor auxiliary drive to reduce the engine fuel consumption. The structure of this method is relatively simple, only to increase the electric motor and battery in the car. The other is, at low speed only by the electric motor driving, speed increase when the engine and electric motor in conjunction with the driving "series, parallel mode." Start-up and Low-speed is driven only by electric motor, when the speed increases, by the engine and electric motor jointly and efficiently share the power, this way requires power sharing devices and generators, and so the structure is complex. There is also a kind of electric motor driven only by the "series mode", the engine only as a power source, the car driven by electric motor drive, the drive system is only electric motor, but because the same need to install a fuel engine, it is also a hybrid car.

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