Concrete Mixer Lorry

- Sep 14, 2017 -

China-made mixer truck concrete mixer (cement mixer, concrete mixer) is used for transporting concrete trucks for construction purposes and is often called a snail car because of its shape. This type of truck is installed with cylindrical mixers to carry mixed concrete. The mixing drum will always be kept in transit to ensure that the concrete is not solidified. After the concrete is transported, it is usually used to flush the mixing drum with water to prevent hardening of the concrete occupied space, so that the volume of the mixing cylinder is less and fewer.

It is composed of automobile chassis, stirring drum, transmission system, water supply device, full power picker, front and rear bracket, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feed system, control mechanism and so on. As a result of technical bottleneck, domestic mixer tank volume 3m³-8m³ The use of domestic four parts, 8m³ above the volume of the four major parts of the use of imported components.

Mixing vehicle composition: Two kinds of chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, rack, stirring tank, material and discharge device, water supply system, operation system, ladder and other parts. The mixer can be connected with the reducer at the front of the rack and the back end is supported by two supporting wheels installed in the background of the rack.

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