Advantages Of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

- Sep 14, 2017 -

1. The maximum power of the internal combustion engine can be determined on the basis of the combined power, and at this time it is in the optimal working condition with low fuel consumption and less pollution. When the power of the internal combustion engine is insufficient, it is supplemented by the battery. When the load is low, the surplus power can generate electricity to recharge the battery, because the internal combustion engine can continue to work, the battery can be recharged continuously, so its trip is the same as the ordinary car.

2, because of the battery, you can easily recover the braking, downhill, idling energy.

3, in the bustling urban area, can shut off the internal combustion engine, driven by a separate battery, to achieve "0" emissions.

4, with the internal combustion engine can be very convenient to solve the energy-intensive air-conditioning, heating, defrosting and other pure electric vehicles encountered problems.

5, can use the existing gas station refueling, no need to invest.

6, can keep the battery in good working condition, do not happen overcharge, over put, prolong its service life, reduce cost.

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